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After immigrating to America from Budapest, Hungary in 1916, Thomas Stoysich, Sr.

spent 33 years working in the South Omaha packing houses. In 1949, he realized his

American Dream and purchased his own business, a small neighborhood grocery

store and meat market - on 52nd & Q Streets - just about a mile down the street

from the packing houses . . . 


As proprietor of Tom’s Market, a classic neighborhood 'Mom & Pop' corner grocery

store, Thomas Stoysich worked diligently - and his fresh meats and homemade

sausage and hams gained quite a following.  In 1960, he retired and his son

Frank, at 21 years old, took the reins and with his new bride, Marilyn by his

side, they re-named the store and opened Frank's Fine Foods.  



Frank & Marilyn Stoysich, 1982, Original Retail Store

Father & Son - Frank (left) and Thomas Stoysich, Circa 1949

Frank and Marilyn ran the business from 1960 through 2011.  During the next 51-years, they realized   many successes, as the business and meat products consistently grew in popularity.  Growth and change continued over the next two decades with various remodeling projects, the addition of meat counter space and new equipment purchases. In the summer of 1985, a small but modern processing plant was built to accommodate the ever increasing demand for their products.


The original retail store was severely damaged in a four alarm fire in December of 1985.  In 1986, the building was excavated and construction of a 3,500 sq. ft. retail store began and in March of 1987, the 'new' Frank Stoysich Meats opened. 


Three Generations of Success

When Frank Stoysich, Sr. passed away in 2011, his son, Frank Stoysich, Jr. took charge and Frank and Marilyn’s three daughters also help in the daily operations of the business.

Frank Stoysich Meats is famous for its sausage, hams and quality meats. Thomas and Frank Sr. & Marilyn worked very hard to establish and guide the business into the success that it is today. Frank Stoysich, Jr. and his sisters are committed to carrying on those traditions to maintain this success.

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