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A German Classic - Spicy & Nutty - Soft & Chewy Gingerbread 

lubkuchen photo.jpg


(Pronounced: Leeb Koo Hun)

Lebkuchen go all the way back to 14th century Germany where they were created by Catholic monks.  Prepared in monastery bakeries, Lebkuchen included honey, a variety of spices and nuts.  These ingredients not only had symbolic religious meaning but were highly prized for their healing properties.  

Those clever monks not only created an exceptionally delicious sweet treat, they found an additional use for their communion wafers:  They increased the diameter size and used them as the base for the sticky gingerbread dough – a perfect solution.

A quintessential sweet treat throughout all of Germany during the Christmas season, Lebkuchen is one of the most popular and beloved of all German holiday confections.  There are a variety of German Lebkuchen, each distinguished by slight alterations in ingredients and most especially the amount of nuts used.

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