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Chips, Dips and Salsa Board

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About the Recipe

Your guests will love the variety a chips, dips and salsa board offers. This is extremely flexible. You choose chips and either homemade or store bought dips and salsas.


A Variety of Potato Chips, Corn Tortilla Chips (plain, seasoned - or both), Pita Chips, Bagel Rounds,etc

Homemade Dips & Salsas or Store Bought Dips & Salsas


A chip dip and salsa board is a great opportunity to go over the top, and your choice of chips can help you get there.

Opt for different varieties of corn—such as blue and yellow. And including Cool Ranch or Nacho Doritos is always a good idea.

Consider the shapes of the chips, too; adding those shaped for dunking or scooping adds a fun visual element to the salsa board and has function, too.

Use plain and wavy potato chips. Consider a flavored chip - black pepper, jalapeno, etc.

Pita Chips will offer a great dipping and flavor options as well.

What ever you choose will be perfect. Just be sure to use a large Rimmed platter. Display Bowls first and scatter the chips around the bowls.

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