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For Dry Rubs, Marinades and Seasoning

  • For dry rubs, marinades and seasoning.

Aromatic spicy dry rub or marinade for meat lovers!

Spice up juicy steak, tender chicken or grilled barbecue cuts with our Beef Allrounder. Use as a dry rub, a marinade and to season sauces and stews.

Also spices up sauces and vegetables

Turn every meat dish into a taste sensation

There's more to this savory spice mix than meats the eye! Instantly spice up every cut from chicken to beef, or lamb and pork, with the Beef Allrounder.

Our Beef Allrounder is multi-talented pairing option. Refine chicken breast, chops, sauces and whole roasts with the mix. Add to marinades and dips for extra depth of flavor. Vegetarians and vegans take note: Meat substitutes, tofu or veggies can also be spiced up with our Beef Allrounder. Let our community inspire you and show us your favorite combinations!

Add approx. 1 tsp. per portion on its own, or combine with a little oil as a marinade over your meat. The spice mixture can develop its full aroma if you add it to meat when browning. There are no limits to your creativity, the Beef Allrounder harmonises with any type of meat and any preparation method.


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