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Spooky Snack Stick Appetizer

Prep Time:

About 2 Hours

Cook Time:



About the Recipe

Sculpting a terrifying head using Stoysich Snack Sticks may be a bit of work, but for anyone who takes their Halloween entertaining seriously . . . it’s so worth it.


  • Foam mannequin head

  • 10 Vac Packed Packages, Stoysich Snack Sticks, any flavor (or mix it up)

  • Wooden picks (about 150)

  • 1 mini cheese round, halved (such as Babybel Cheese)

  • 1 pimiento-stuffed olive, cut in half, plus more for serving

  • ½ teaspoon cream cheese

  • 10 cocktail peanut halves

  • 4 to 5 roasted red bell pepper strips

  • Whole-grain crackers

  • Course-grained mustard

  • Assorted cheeses


  1. Place foam head on a cake stand, and secure with tape. (Can also place base of head in a hollowed out pumpkin.)

  2. Secure each beef stick piece with a wooden pick, arranging them around head, custom-fitting each one to resemble a face. 

  3. Using wooden picks, place cheese round halves in foam head to resemble eyeballs. On the same picks, place an olive half over each cheese half to resemble pupils. 

  4. Spread cream cheese on the rounded side of peanut halves. Stick peanuts over mouth area on head, to resemble teeth.

  5. Arrange roasted red pepper strips in between beef pieces on top of head. 

  6. Arrange crackers, mustard, assorted cheeses, olives, and other charcuterie accompaniments of your choice around sausage head. Enjoy!

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