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 We offer our Stoysich Homemade Fresh (uncooked) Corned Beef  once a year, in March.   
Our Homemade Fresh Corned Beef Brisket is Beautifully Marbled and Cured in a Traditional Brine with Corns* Herbs and Spices. 
This Brining Method Produces a Fresh Corned Beef Brisket that is Very Flavorful, Moist and Tender
Our cooked Corned Beef  & Pastrami is available year round - sliced to order!

*Corns are large kernels of rock salt

For the main dish, it's Corned Beef & Cabbage!  Check out these Delicious Recipes. 

You Might Be Surprised to Learn

that this traditional St. Patrick's Day meal is not particularly Irish. Corned Beef and Cabbage came about when Irish-Americans transformed and reinterpreted a tradition imported from the Emerald Isle.

From 1762-1862 Irish immigration to the United States exploded. The new wave of immigrants brought their own food traditions, including soda bread and Irish stew. Pork was the preferred meat, since it was cheap in Ireland. But in the United States, pork was prohibitively expensive for most newly arrived Irish families, so they began cooking beef—the staple meat in the American diet—instead.

Members of the Irish working class in New York City frequented Jewish delis and lunch carts, and it was there that they first tasted corned beef. Cured and cooked much like Irish bacon, it was seen as a tasty and cheaper alternative to pork. And while potatoes were certainly available in the United States, cabbage offered a very inexpensive alternative to cash-strapped Irish families. Cooked in the same pot, the spiced, salty beef flavored the plain cabbage, creating a simple, hearty dish. 

After taking off among New York City’s Irish community, corned beef and cabbage found fans across the country. It was the perfect dish for everyone —cheap, easy to cook and delicious!

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