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Featured Dish:

January Cooking = Comfort Food.

As the cold winds of January blow, we turn to comfort foods . . . Hungarian Goulash is a Classic - Rich in History and Flavor.  We love all the regional versions of this amazing dish.  And we're hoping you do too!

    When we say goulash, we think Hungary.  Historians trace the roots of the hearty stew with lots of paprika to medieval Hungarian shepherd culture. Dating back to the 9th century, Magyar shepherds would simmer meats, onions, and other ingredients with water.  Throughout subsequent centuries, goulash migrated into the cuisines of other countries. Variations were created and simmered with local ingredients. 
    Goulash is a hearty soup or stew with pork or beef,  seasoned with sweet paprika and other spices like caraway seeds and marjoram. 
   We offer classic recipes from Hungary, Austria, Poland and Germany. 

From North America, Mexican Goulash and the Classic American-Style (hint elbow macaroni) are featured

Goulash Recipes

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