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Deviled Easter Eggs

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About the Recipe

Beautiful Pastel Colored Deviled Eggs


One Dozen Eggs

Food Coloring - Diluted to create soft pastel colors




Boil and Peel Eggs

Cut Peeled Egg in Half and Scoop out the Yolk

Set Yolks Aside in Bowl

For the Dye:

Fill a Coffee Cup 2/3 with water and add 1 tsp. Vinegar. Then add a drop or two of food coloring. The less drops will yeild a more pastel color.

Use a seperate cup for each color you select.

Dip the egg white half into the cup - leave in until you see the color you want. Remove and set on Paper Towe or tea towel.

Fill the colored egg halves with the Deviled Egg Yolk Mixture -

12 Eggs Yolks, hard cooked

1/4 cup Grey poupon dijon mustard

1/4 cup Miracle whip dressing

1/4 tsp Paprika, optional

Fresh Dill, optional

Cut eggs lengthwise in half. Remove yolks; place in small bowl.

Add dressing and mustard; mix well.

Spoon into egg white halves; sprinkle with paprika if desired. or add a few fresh dill sprigs for a very Springtime touch!


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